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Get Started with Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business

Published: 05/14/2009 by M. Grace

Running your own business is the dream of many Americans. Finding the right business and getting started can seem daunting. If you like working on your own, are motivated to succeed and are good with people, you should consider a carpet cleaning business. Opening your own carpet cleaning business could put you on the road to personal success and a job that is both fulfilling and rewarding.

Carpet cleaning businesses are some of the most popular and profitable home businesses available. Many entrepreneurs start their carpet cleaning business as a home service company. Cleaning carpets in homes is a great way to get your foot in the door and establish a quality reputation. For some business owners, this is enough and they are quite profitable at the home level. Other business owners take their carpet cleaning business to the next level by moving into the commercial carpet cleaning business.

Starting a carpet cleaning business is a relatively low cost venture. Getting started is as simple as leasing the proper cleaning equipment and a vehicle for transportation. As your carpet cleaning business grows, you can look at purchasing new or used equipment. Detergents and other cleaning supplies can be bought at wholesale prices to keep start up costs low.
When establishing the rates for your carpet cleaning business, be sure to consider all of the variables of the job. For example, figure in two visits to each home, one for a price quote and a second for the actual job. Rates can be charged per hour or by the room. Additional fees can be charged for furniture moving. Consider offering upholstery cleaning services to add value to the homeowner.

Finally, donít underestimate the value of advertising. Fliers, classified ads and yellow pages advertising are all good ways to promote your carpet cleaning business. Online listing services such as deliver exposure to your business and allow homeowners to rave about your great service.

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Get Started with Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business

Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business

Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business