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What You Need to Know About Carpet Steam Cleaning

Published: 07/30/2009 by V. Hartwig

If you have carpets in your home, at some point they will need to be cleaned. Setting up a regular schedule of carpet cleaning will help to extend the life of your carpets. Because carpeting is such a major investment, extending the life of their carpet is the goal of many homeowners.
As the most popular method of carpet cleaning, you have probably heard of carpet steam cleaning before. Sometimes carpet steam cleaning will also be referred to as deep cleaning or hot water extraction. Most carpet manufacturers recommend carpet steam cleaning for their carpets. Nearly all carpet fibers respond best to carpet steam cleaning. Regardless of the term being used, this is most likely the type of carpet cleaning you will want to have performed in your home.
Homeowners enjoy the benefits of carpet steam cleaning. Having your carpets regularly cleaned with this method will help to remove the dirt and soil embedded in your carpets. Carpet steam cleaning will also remove fungi, dust mites and viruses lurking in your carpet fibers. If you have family members who suffer from chronic allergies, regular carpet steam cleaning is a must. Most carpet manufacturers recommend thorough carpet cleaning is done at least once per year. If you have children and/or pets, twice yearly carpet steam cleaning is beneficial.
You can purchase do it yourself carpet cleaning systems. While these systems do provide you with the ability to clean carpets on a more regular basis, you do need to be careful with them. Making sure you are using the right cleaning solutions, getting your carpets dry enough and are not damaging your carpets is essential if you plan to use an at home carpet cleaning system.
Most homeowners will find that working with a professional carpet steam cleaning service will provide the cleanest carpets at the best price. Working with a professional service will also ensure that stains and high traffic areas are pre-treated and that your carpets will look their best for the longest time. To find a professional carpet steam cleaning service in your area, visit

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