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Why Carpet Cleaning - Top 10 Reasons why a Cleaner would want to be listed on

Top 10 Reasons why a Cleaner would want to be listed on

1)  Everyone knows Referrals are the Best Leads
Getting your customer to tell the world how great their experience was with your company by posting reviews, can be better than some referrals.  Their review acts as a statement that you can forever leverage to generate new business.  If you actively participate in our site by getting your customers to provide reviews, this will provide future customers with 3rd party validation of your services which in turn establishes credibility.... which means more sales.  ..

2)   Research Shows.
72% of all consumers research services on the Internet prior to purchasing.  Show them how wonderful you are by having your other customers tell them in the form of a review.  Testimonials provide validation and enforce the quality of your service.
3)  Our Service is "Hyper Local".
We help the consumer or business find the all the cleaning choices closest to their home or business.  We leverage the technology of Google Maps to help consumers find exactly what they are looking for.  Consumers and businesses feel more comfortable with vendors that are "in their backyard".
4)  The Internet
The Internet is providing more opportunity for all industries.  However taking advantage of the Internet is expensive and time consuming.  Let us help.  Our service provides you with everything you need to capture more business from the Internet.  We provide you with your own webpage (if you already have one, our site helps your site), we do all the Internet marketing including Search Engine Optimization (Getting to the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing) and Social Media.   All you have to do, is personalize your listing on our site.  Or work with our conciere service to have us customize it for you.  It is easy, you do not need a web designer or other specialist.  Anyone with an Internet connection and basic Internet savvy can work with our service.
5)  Where The Buyers Are
Because we leverage the Search Engine Optimization and local targeting technology, we have the buyers coming to in droves.  The average visitor stays on our site for an average of 9.3 minutes and reads 10.2 pages.  This is your opportunity to shine to your audience.
6) But I Purchase Leads...
Our service is better then a "purchase leads" site because usually, the business or consumer will call only one cleaner.   The 'purchase leads' sites are selling leads to 3, 4 or even 7 different competitors of yours.  This creates an un-necessarily competitive environment that is all too often goes to the lowest bidder.  No one wins in this situation.
7) Building Relationships
While the consumer may not actually know your other customers, hearing what others say about your services gives them a feeling of comfort and begins the relationship building process.  Leads that come from our site are of the highest quality.
8) Return On Investment.
Your time is an investment.   Your money is an investment.  You get out, what you put in.  If you put the time and effort to develop your listing, get many customers to review your services, you'll receive exponentially more leads then a provider who does not.
9)  Consumers that Shop Price.
Consumers and businesses that use 'review sites' are more concerned with quality of service rather than price.   Consumers and businesses that shop price, know that the lowest price might actually be the most expensive option - especially if they have pay twice for a single project.  Deep down these people really looking for the best value not the best price.  After all, no one wins a price war.... not the consumer (bad service), not the service provider (not profitable), not the industry (reputation).
10)   Leads, Leads, Leads and More Leads.
All of this adds up to more leads.  More quality leads. More credibility.  More business.   Let us help you grow your business.  Call us today at (800) 544-3361  or request an appoint by clicking here.